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Savings Account

Choose a high-yield Savings Account that serves you!

Take time to research the savings account offers from the top institutions to best fit your need. Make sure that you have access to a location near you when considering saving account options!

Plan Ahead, Protect your interest with Better Savings

High yield savings accounts can help you grow your savings faster because they offer higher annual percentage yields (APY). A high yield savings account can help you boost your emergency funds.

How much money is required to open a saving account?

Some Banks require a deposit minimum to open an account while others may not.

What is Savings Account?

A savings account allows you store your funds with a financial Institution while earning interest.

How often can I withdraw my money?

Savings Accounts do have limitations on the frequency a holder can withdraw or transfer funds in a month’s time. Savings accounts allow you to withdraw or transfer your funds up to 6 times per month. This limitation is placed by the Federal Reserve.

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